Monday, 19 October 2009

The modern man is a slug?

Yes he is, according to Daily Mail writer Liz Jones. I do not joke friends, in an article published in the Mail on Sunday I read this piece The Modern Male. I frequently read the Daily Mail simply because it is there in front of me. Please take the time to read it and also the comments people have posted because after reading this article they put some of my faith back in humanity.

I'm going to take the time and break this down bit by bit

'Some Tutsi men in Rwanda were able to jump higher than the current world record of 2.45m, Roman legions completed one-and-a-half marathons a day (bear in mind this was before Lycra and bottles of water with teats had been invented)'
Credit to the woman, she has started her argument with some scientfic evidence but then tries to use this evidence against modern man to show how lazy they are. I would like to point out, modern society no longer needs us to jump away from danger, to hunt down terrific beasts. Technology and society has developed in such a way that we have no need to do such things. She is trying to call men lazy by refering to past societies where they had to be fit in order to actually survive.

'Isn’t it interesting that while we women look up to Amazonians with amazing biceps such as Michelle Obama, men have the presenters of Top Gear as their heroes – armchair Lotharios who don’t even have the upper body strength to comb their own hair.'

I find the mention of role models very interesting indeed. She talks of how men idolize presenters while women look up to strong female role models. There are a few things wrong with this. Many, many men look up to great sporting legends such as David Beckham who are very far from the 'armchair Lotharios' she describes. Then let us consider this further, isn't brain greater than brawn? What is wrong with idolizing individuals such as Stephen Hawkings or even Stephen Fry? The latter overcoming great personal problems to get to where he is today, now that is amazing. Personally someone who has brains is worthy of far more respect than someone who simply looks beautiful. Another point one has to consider is whether striving towards physical perfection, like some very thin models, is actually healthy. Many young girls have eating disorders because they are trying to live up to these unrealistic goals. Too many people like Liz Jones seem to emphasize too much on looks.

'These men might all wear trainers and tracksuits and workwear such as denim jeans and combat trousers, but it is all just dressing up, an illusion, a hark back to the days when men actually knew how to do physical things like, ooh, I don’t know, put in a light bulb or change a duvet cover or make love to a woman.'
This paragraph alone I feel shows a woman who is extremely bitter, probably having had poor relationships in the past where the men may have been a bit useless. However, she should not be using her personal experiences and argue that every man is like this, it just isn't true.

'I wonder why it is that gay men like to stay in shape, and be all smooth and oiled.'
This is a serious journalist seems to be straying into the land of stereotypes. But it doesn't end there, she becomes even insulting when talking about the modern hetrosexual male: ''he types with one finger (men have not yet evolved sufficiently to be able to touch-type)'

I admit I was sickened to read such things and I'm not even a man! This article doesn't seem to offer any insight into the male mind but instead seems to demonstrate how bitter this woman is. Who has used a good half a page to outright insult every man on this planet in the most degrading ways possible. She actually shames me in being a woman.

Men you aren't wastes of space and I'm sure many other women will agree with me

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Blogs are a curious thing

As I find myself distancing myself from websites such as Facebook I find myself drawn towards blogging.

I have a number of reasons for doing one:

  1. Inspiration from a forum that I frequent
  2. Boredom
  3. I like to discuss all many of things and sometimes I have no real outlet to do so
  4. Practice my writing skills

Admitedly not all the reasons are good ones but maybe something good will come out of this. I would love to write a book in the future but my writing skills are probably very poor. As well as writing short stories I hope this will also enhance my skills in some way. Well one can hope.

Some days I may be strcuk by the urge to write about something intellectual and some days not so much. My mind is a multi track thing and this blog will probably show you just how disorganised it is